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Guest Worker Rights and Legal Help for Victims of Labor Trafficking

The Equal Justice Center also focuses on providing legal services to guest workers and victims of labor trafficking.

EJC has represented H-2B workers and J-1 workers to recover unpaid wages, to enforce the terms of their contract, and to protect workers from illegal retaliation for advocating for their rights at work. The EJC has provided legal assistance and employment rights advocacy to H-2B workers and to U.S. workers in economic sectors and jobs impacted by the H-2B program. 

Our organization has represented H-2B visa holders who have worked in industries including landscaping, maritime construction, and oilfield services. For several years now, Texas has had a larger number of H-2B workers than any other state. Due to the temporary nature of the H-2B programs and deficiencies in the current regulatory system governing the H-2B visa program, the system is rife with abuse and exploitation of guest workers.  The EJC has made it a priority to provide legal representation to guest workers whose rights have been violated. 

The EJC also focuses on providing legal services to survivors of labor trafficking. Labor trafficking is a form of labor exploitation in which individuals perform labor or services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. 

For legal assistance or questions about your rights at work, please call 800-853-4028, or contact the EJC location nearest you.

Notice: This is general information and is not legal advice.