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Employment Justice

EJC has offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio and provides legal help and advocacy throughout the State of Texas.  The EJC fights to ensure that all workers can enforce their basic rights in the workplace, and works to empower working families in Texas to achieve fair treatment in the justice system.

Legal Action to Support Workers’ Rights

The EJC provides direct legal representation to individuals to enforce their rights in the workplace. Through our legal assistance, we show workers how they can access the justice system and enforce their basic employment rights at work, regardless of their immigration status. Since 2003, the EJC has helped low-income working people recover over $12.5 million dollars in unpaid wages. Our employment law representation helps workers who have not been paid at all for their work; workers who have not been paid the legal minimum wage, overtime wages, or prevailing wage rates; low-wage workers who have experienced workplace discrimination, including sexual harassment; and working people who have suffered retaliation for speaking up about their wages or working conditions.

The EJC provides specialized employment law help to survivors of sexual assault, including victims of sexual assault in the workplace and other survivors who need their employer's accomodation, support, and protection.  The EJC's legal representation can help survivors sustain stable employment, gain security in their workplace, recover compensation for injuries, and hold culpable employers properly accountable. In addition, the EJC collaborates with other service providers across Texas to provide holistic support and assistance assistance survivors of sexual assault. Proactively, the EJC also works to encourage employers to adopt work safety practices that prevent sexual assault in the workplace.  

The EJC provides specialized employment law help to temporary foreign guest workers who are often exploited while working in the U.S. though temporary visa programs, such as the H-2B, H-2A, and J-1 programs. We also specialize in providing legal services to survivors of labor trafficking

Workers’ Rights Education

We work closely with our clients, so that they will learn how to be strong advocates for their own workplace rights, how to use the legal system more effectively, how to advocate collectively with other workers and organizations, and how to teach these skills to others.

We conduct employment rights education programs that empower low-income working people with knowledge about their rights and how to enforce those rights safely and effectively.