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Systemic Reform

EJC not only provides direct legal representation to individuals, we also conduct our work to effect positive systemic reform. 

As advocates for systemic justice:

  • We structure all of our work to contribute to a stronger and more just community in which all working people are valued for the contribution they make.
  • We establish legal precedents that make our employment laws more fair.
  • We participate in national and local campaigns to improve employers’ private practices and governments’ public policies.
  • We work to evolve new legal practice techniques, new employment laws, and new legal procedures that ensure workplace fairness in our new transnational labor market and global economy.
  • We work to support fair comprehensive immigration reform that will fully protect the labor rights of both U.S.-born workers and transnational workers.
  • We support the efforts of working people to organize in the community and workplace to improve their lives and support their families.