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EJC Recoveries for Wage Theft Surpass $7 Million

The Equal Justice Center has recently surpassed the milestone of $7 million recovered in wage theft cases for low-wage working men and women.

EJC attorneys and staff, working from its offices in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, provide legal representation for low-wage working people across Texas. EJC’s clients include construction laborers, janitorial and cleaning service workers, restaurant cooks and dishwashers, landscape laborers, and workers in a host of other industries. They are U.S. citizens, documented immigrants, and undocumented immigrants. They are women, men, young people and older workers.

The common factors among them all are (1) the hard, honest work they perform to support themselves and their families; and (2) their determined use of the legal system to vindicate their right to be paid what they have earned.

“What the Equal Justice Center does for our clients and their families is place in their hands the powerful tools of the law and the legal system,” said EJC Austin attorney, Christopher Willett. “With that power, they can take charge of protecting their own rights and hold unscrupulous employers accountable through their own direct action. In our society, that amounts to real power and recognized legitimacy.”

The EJC is the leading law firm in Texas specialized in protecting the employment rights of low-wage workers. Its pioneering work continues to advance access to workplace justice without regard to income or immigration status.