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ACTION ALERT - CALL ON GOV. PERRY AND TEXAS LEGISLATURE: Stop Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino Bills, HB 9 & SB 9

ll on Texas Governor Rick Perry and Texas Legislative Leaders
- NOW -
to Stop Efforts to Enact House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 9
(the mis-named “sanctuary city” bills)

With this special session of the Texas Legislature set to end on June 29, the tide is starting to turn against these Arizona-style bills. Although this legislation was defeated during the regular legislative session, the challenge of defeating these bills again has been a long shot ever since Governor Perry revived them in the current special legislative session. However, the extraordinary mobilization of broad-based opposition has now created a real chance to defeat this divisive, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino, anti-law-enforcement legislation a second time.

See Action You Can Take Now to defeat thes bills (whether you’re inside or outside Texas)

See full details about these bills, the legislative state of play, and the complete action alert.

More about HB 9 and SB 9

See the broad spectrum of groups and institutions opposing HB 9 and SB 9 , including:

Major City Police Chiefs and Sheriffs across Texas
Texas Religious Leaders
Texas Business Groups
Texas Civil Rights & Community Groups
A Growing Chorus of Dissenters among Texas Republicans

a fact sheet about HB 9
a fact sheet about SB 9
Equal Justice Center testimony to the Texas House opposing HB 9 and SB 10