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Continuing Success: Over $3.5 Million Total Unpaid Wages Recovered

The Equal Justice Center has surpassed a new milestone: Low- and moderate-income workers empowered by the EJC have now recovered a total of more than $3.5 million dollars in unpaid wages that were improperly withheld from these working men and women. Even more remarkable, these workers – including U.S. citizens, permanent resident immigrants, guest workers, and undocumented immigrants – are effectively enforcing their wage rights regardless of their immigration status, achieving new levels of empowerment through this affirmative civic engagement. We salute the hard work, courage, and dignity of these working men and women who are contributing so much to our communities through their hard work every day and who, by standing up for their rights, are helping to ensure that all working people receive a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.