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Overview: What is the EJC?

EJC has offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio and provides legal help and advocacy throughout the State of Texas.

Employment Justice: The Equal Justice Center (EJC) is a non-profit law firm and employment justice organization which empowers low-income families, workers, and communities to achieve fair treatment in the workplace, in the justice system, and in our shared society – regardless of immigration status.  Since 2001, the EJC has provided legal representation that enables working men and women to recover unpaid wages and combat other basic injustices they encounter in their work.  

Transnational Worker Rights Clinic: Since 2004, EJC has partnered with the University of Texas Law School to operate the Transnational Worker Rights Clinic where Texas Law students get practical experience providing direct legal representation to low-wage transnational and immigrant workers. 

DACAAs a part of the Equal Justice Center's mission of empowering working families to obtain fair treatment in the workplace and society, the EJC provides legal assistance to undocumented students and graduates applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  We have helped well over a thousand individuals across Texas obtain temporary protection from deportation and employment authorization through DACA, which allows these young people to secure better jobs and earnings and a better future for themselves and their families.  

Systemic Reform:  The EJC works for policy changes and systemic reforms that strengthen employment rights and expand access to the justice system for all working people. We protect and lift up the labor and human rights of both U.S.-born workers and transnational workers in our new global labor market. The EJC is also helping develop and train the next generation of employment rights advocates – workers, students, lawyers, and community members.